We work solely to support ambulance service trusts throughout the UK.
Our mission is simple...to give every person in the UK the opportunity to learn how to
save a life and ensure every community has sufficient defibrillator cover.

The Defibrillator Group

Ensuring NHS, Community funded and privately purchased defibrillators are supplied, installed, maintained and protected to the highest standards.


To give every person the opportunity to learn lifesaving skills, that could make a real difference in a life or death situation.


Ensure every community, High Street, school, public building and business has access to a life saving defibrillator.

The Defibrillator Group are a family-run not-for-profit organisation.

A family member suffered cardiac arrest a number of years ago and we were inspired to protect as many lives as possible against the threat of cardiac arrest.

Our primary focus is to support ambulance services throughout the UK and their efforts to provide "restart a heart day " in schools.

The Lifesaver keyring appeal is designed to offer all schoolchildren, and members of junior sports teams, their friends and family, the opportunity to learn CPR,

By scanning our unique keyring to download a lifesaving video or downloading apps depending on which ambulance service region they live the individual can learn vital lifesaving skills.

Keyrings are sold to friends and family and all profits go towards funding defibrillators for all the schools or clubs teams.

The Defibrillator Group

Protecting lives throughtout the UK against threat of cardiac arrest.



people suffer out of hospital cardiac arrests in the UK every year!

Why Have Defibrillators?

When a cardiac arrest happens, you have just four minutes to get the heart back into a regular rhythm or it is highly likely the patient will die.

The best way to get the heart working properly again is with CPR and a defibrillator, while waiting for the emergency services to attend the scene.

A defibrillator – also known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is simple to use and, if required, it will deliver an electric shock, or defibrillation, to the heart.

For every minute it takes for the defibrillator to reach someone and deliver a shock, their chances of survival reduce by around 10%
Nationally, the average ambulance response time is 8-11 minutes so it is vital that the patient receives care immediately.

Increased Survival Rates

Over 30,000 people suffer out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK every year and without defibrillation the survival rates are only 5%. With a defibrillator close by those rates rise to 75%.

If you would like to find out a little more about our services, and how we can help you get started with your defibrillator, head on over to our Services Page.

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1 in 10 are the chances of surviving a cardiac arrest outside of hospital

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