The Defibrillator Group are committed to assisting defibrillator charities
and fundraisers with essential funding

Charities & Fundraisers commitment from us

We offer a range of services to charities and fundraisers to ensure community defibrillators are kept compliant, safe to use and protected against theft or damage.



We will contribute £25 towards the cost of replacement pads if your defibrillator is ever deployed.



If your cabinet is damaged or vandalised we will cover the repair or replacement costs to the value of £250.



If your defibrillator is stolen we will cover the cost to replace to the value of £750.

only £49.99 per annum

Our aim

Our aim is to ensure community defibrillators are kept safe to use and available at all times. If a defibrillator is stolen or damaged, the impact can be devastating both financially and emotionally.

The Defibrillator Group eases ongoing financial costs for those committed to protecting lives.

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