The Defibrillator Group only promote defibrillators that meet
the highest standards and are recognised by your ambulance service.

Supplying Your Defibrillator

When it comes to choosing which defibrillator to buy, people often choose the cheapest defibrillator. However, the saying “you get what you pay for” is true.

In many cases cheap defibrillators and cabinets will mean short warranties and short shelf-life of batteries and pads.

The Defibrillator Group only promote defibrillators that meet the highest standards and are recognised by your ambulance service.

Installing Your Defibrillator

The Defibrillator Group can undertake the installation of your equipment – saving you the time and expense of searching for qualified contractors.

We can install defibrillators inside buildings or external community units. We offer a nationwide installation service as standard, and a safety certificate is issued after each installation.

Registering Your Defibrillator

In order to comply with NHS requirements, defibrillators must be registered with your local ambulance service.

The Defibrillator Group will do this on your behalf.

8 in 10 Cardiac Arrests Occur In Public Places

Survival Rate WITHOUT Defibrillator


Survival Rate WITH Defibrillator


Other Defibrillator Services

As well as Supplying, Installing and registering your Defibrillator, we also offer a range of supplementary services to assist you.


A volunteer guardian must be appointed for each defibrillator. The guardian is responsible for carrying out and submitting regular safety checks to your local ambulance service in order to show the defibrillator is functioning correctly and safe to use.

The Defibrillator Group will register your guardian and remind them to send their reports each month.

In the event the report is not sent, we will be notified by the ambulance service and work with you to ensure that the checks and reports are carried out.

For ease of use many of our cabinets are now fitted with NHS designed QR codes, which allows you to submit reports direct to the ambulance service via your mobile phone.

Battery and Pads expiry dates

All defibrillators are fitted with batteries and pads that carry an expiry date. If they are not monitored the equipment can fail if used.

Your details will be logged onto our software and expiry dates monitored. When they need changing, you will be advised.

Theft/damage protection

Sadly, there are rare occasions when defibrillators are stolen or vandalised.

The Defibrillator Group are one of the only organisations that guarantee to repair or replace your defibrillator or cabinet in the event of theft vandalism or damage to your equipment.

5 percent

Please Note

If you are a charity or community fundraiser, please note that we are able to work with you to provide funding that allows you to receive our annual maintenance charge and damage / theft protection package free of charge. Please Contact Us for further information.

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